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Authentic Hongky

Chat room ,good food, and good stuff
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WeLcOmE tO mY sItE....EnJoY!



Welcome to my site....its new and all so hope you can find it interesting and infomative.
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To Athena: I got your mail!! THanks so much..i love it....
BeSt ThInGs Of THe DaY...
Original Flavor Ramune Soda 
Best drink
Best sushi
Cutest Bracelet

ThIs SiTe MaNiLy FoCuSeS oN EvEnTs In HoNgKoNg aNd FaShIoN, CeLeBrity..ETC......Have Fun!!!
Thats right...


This is SHE's 5th Album "Superstar"
I love that song heheheh
They have a 6th album called" Magic Journey"
 From Left to right (Hebe, Ella, Selena)
My favorite-Ella and Selena

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S.H.E. Is having their biggest concert ever.....
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